Burundi Peace Band: Clay Pot Melody Documentary & Live Performance

During and after the Burundian Civil War (1993-2006) the Twa community were persecuted in the Tutsi and Hutu dominated Burundi. The Twa, including members of this band and its leader Jean Philip Irambona, were forced from their homelands and fled to Tanzania. The Burundi Peace Band sing, dance and play music to heal the traumas from war and to remember their homeland.

Prior to the performance will be a screening of Clay Pot Melody, a short documentary about the bands efforts to make Western Australia home. 

Clay Pot Melody
- Director/Producer: Coel Healy
- Camera operators: Naveed Farro, Steven Hughes, Coel Healy
- Live audio engineer: Michael Jelinek
- Sound recording: Nick McKenzie
- Production Assistant: Alexandra Price
- Additional assistance from Murdoch University

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Saturday 29 July, 12pm–12.30pm
Discovery Lounge