Curatorial Note

Disrupted Festival of Ideas 2017 is about letting your armour down, unravelling expectations, and taking the weekend to consider how you can be part of making change in your corner of the world, to stand up, shout out, or perhaps expand your power-move repertoire with the likes of Beyonce, Bruce Lee, and GoGo Yubari.

In putting together this program we looked outwards into our country, a country with the oldest living culture in the world, with over 250 distinct language groups, and some of the most unique bio-diverse hotspots. Australia is a lucky country of great magnitude, of power and resilience, yet we still face issues of digging and dealing, ever hardening borders and the fight for equality. How does one continue to muster energy and optimism?

For Disrupted we gather 80 audacious and inquisitive minds at the State Library of WA to share with you their thoughts on resilience and some of the most important questions facing Australia today – why language matters; the faces of Australian media; changing the conversation on refugees; how we can be more socially conscious to climate change; whether our values and ethos match our politics; and how humour can sometimes be the greatest democratiser of all.

Over two days we invite you to join conversations with scientists, comedians, writers, journalists, activists and artists, learn to talk and sing Nyungar, consider your relationship to the most precious liquid in the world, wander the city with two experts in urban survival and re-charge in a one-hour dance class for perilous times. 

This is a weekend of divergence – let your curiosity guide you.

Sarah Rowbottam, Curator