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Craig Silvey

Saturday 11am, Discovery Lounge

Award-winning author and script -writer Craig Silvey, is one of Australia’s leading writers who’s book Jasper Jones has been published in in over 30 countries and has been translated into 14 languages. In 2016 he co-wrote the AWGIE winning script of the Jasper Jones feature film and has followed up with the acclaimed and beautifully illustrated novella, The Amber Amulet. 

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Law & Order: Technology on Trial

Saturday 2:15pm, Library Theatre

It’s a hypothetical courtroom where technology is put on trial and the audience is the jury. A panel of WA’s lawyers debate two cases nominated by the public, selected from the current media. Using an interactive tool, the audience will decide whether data breaches can actually benefit our society.

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Unconscious Bias

Saturday 12.30pm, Discovery Lounge

New facial recognition and geo-location technologies are designed to make our lives easier and more secure. But when those who create new technology and artificial intelligence (AI) lose sight of the human users, issues of bias can surface. Join a panel of experts working in the field of data and analysis as they unpack the complexities and sensitivities of diversity and bias in technology.

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Professor Genevieve Bell

Saturday 4pm, Discovery Lounge

Best known for her 18 years in Silicon Valley, Professor Genevieve Bell has now returned to Australia to head the Autonomy, Agency and Assurance (3A) Institute at the Australian National University (ANU). Following her delivery of the 2017 Boyer Lectures, Genevieve will explore how we, as humans, can survive and thrive in this high-tech world with ethics intact.

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Tactile Tour: Perth Cultural Centre Sculptures

Sunday 11am & 11:30am, Library Foyer

Join DADAA for a 20 minute tour of the sculptures scattered around the State Library of WA and the Perth Cultural Centre. Using the personal headset provided, your Tactile Tour Guide will deliver a verbal description of its visual elements.

Experience what it's like to view a sculpture from the perspective of someone who is blind or vision impaired using Audio Description technology.

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