Law & Order: Technology on Trial


Saturday 2:15pm, Library Theatre

It’s a hypothetical courtroom where technology is on trial.

Join us on the jury bench as two teams of lawyers from UWA Law School debate the merits of two cases inspired by real events. Showcasing two forms of dispute resolution, a court trial and an arbitration you will be given the chance to weigh up the arguments from the prosecution and the defence.

Is Facebook guilty as charged? Will Twitter take the stand? Has Instagram been lying under oath? Social media is a ubiquitous presence in our lives, but some say it’s a lawless frontier land where the only rule is: don’t get caught. We hear both sides from our lawyers to decide exactly which IRL laws impact the online world of social media.

Imagine a world without fine print. In its place: comic strips. That’s a possible future according to Professor Camilla Andersen, who suggests complex and legally binding contracts can be replaced with simple illustrated panels. Can text-dependent legalise really be behind us? And can a cartoon be a contract? You decide.

Joining Camilla Anderson from UWA Law School, is Marilyn Bromberg, Kate Offer and Michael Douglas.

Dr Marilyn Bromberg

Originally from Canada, Marilyn commenced work as a freelance journalist for Canada's largest newspaper, The Toronto Star, at age 14. Six years later she created her own magazine On the Wall and started working as a television producer. Marilyn is the Director of Professionalism and Media, and Social Media Coordinator at the UWA Law School.

Before coming to UWA as Senior Lecturer, Marilyn enjoyed working as an academic at the Law School at The University of Notre Dame Australia and is also a consultant in her research areas for legal organisations. Marilyn has spoken or lectured at Harvard University, The Supreme Court of Canada, the Family Court of Western Australia, the Melbourne Law School at the University of Melbourne, the Australian National University Law School and the State Administrative Tribunal.


Kate Offer

Kate teaches Torts and Evidence in the UWA Law School and Education Law in the School of Education. She is co-author of Field & Offer 'Western Australian Evidence Law'. Her research focus is Evidence, Education Law and Legal Education. Kate served as a board member on the Wesley College Council from 2007 - 2015. She is currently chair of the second Disciplinary Committee of the Teachers Registration Board of Western Australia.

Michael Douglas

Michael is a Senior Lecturer at UWA Law School, where he researches private international law. He is particularly interested in cross-border media law issues, a subject which he has commented upon on television, at TEDx, and in academic journals. He is the incoming editor of the Media and Arts Law Review and an Associate of the Centre for Media and Communications Law at Melbourne Law School. Michael is a reporter for the New South Wales Law Reports and a Consultant at Bennett + Co within the firm’s commercial litigation and dispute resolution practice.

Michael is originally from Bunbury, Western Australia, and attended UWA Law School as a Fogarty Foundation Regional Scholar.


Professor Camilla Andersen

Originally from Denmark, Camilla runs the UWA Master of International Commercial Law, and teaches three core law units. She has lectured externally for several universities, including SOAS in London (UK), University of Essex (UK), University of Turku (Finland) and Victoria University (Melbourne). She has worked with the CISG Advisory Council, and been the National Reporter for the United Kingdom for the International Academy of Comparative Law. She is a Trade Law Expert for UNCITRAL and sits on the UNCITRAL Australian Co-ordination Committee.

She works closely with business, government and academia in pursuit of Commercial Law facilitating trade, and has written extensively on the CISG, international commerce, pro-active approaches to law and comparative commercial law. Camilla was the founding co-editor of The Journal of Comparative Law and is a Fellow at the Institute of International Commercial Law at Pace Law School.


This event is AUSLAN interpreted.

Presented in collaboration with University of Western Australia Law School.