Video Game Design

Video Game Workshop Image 2.png

Workshop: Saturday 12:30pm - 2:30pm, Workshop Space
Ages: 9-12
Registrations required

Play the Games: Sunday 11am, Perth Cultural Centre Screen

Put your gaming experience and creative imagination into action to develop an original creation that you can take home, play  and show to family and friends. This is a class for all abilities and ages – boys and girls alike!

The fundamentals covered in Video Game Design are a fantastic leap into the world of code and design thinking. Students are introduced to object-oriented programming, and a behaviour-based logic system – applying behaviours and attributions, testing, debugging and fine-tuning products – that comprises a core component of computer science and is familiar to any programmer.

Parents will have an opportunity to play their kids’ games as well as see them on the big screen!

Registrations for this workshop are currently closed. Some spaces will be available on the day. Visit the information desk to register on the day if space allows.