Dr Marilyn Metta (WA)

Dr Marilyn Metta (WA)

As a storyteller and advocate of human rights issues, Marilyn is passionate about working with marginalised communities and stories. Born in Penang, Malaysia and grew up in Singapore, Marilyn came to Western Australia when she was eighteen. Her rich cultural background and her experiences negotiating difference as a young person has given her valuable insights into the power of storytelling and education in social change.

Marilyn is an award-winning filmmaker and teaches Anthropology and Sociology at Curtin University, Perth. She’s a published author and scholar in the areas of cross-cultural life-writing, feminist research, family violence and social justice.

Marilyn has over 18 years’ experience as a family counsellor at the West Leederville Counselling Centre, working with individuals, children and families from diverse backgrounds. She is the CEO & Founder of The Metis Centre, an educational and advocacy organisation working to address gender inequality, violence against women and children.

Marilyn is also the founder of Mettamorphosis Inc, a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation working to provide access to education for displaced and refugee children.

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